Warren Mott

Meet Chad!


Meet Chad! Chad started playing trombone in 5th grade. The trombone captured his attention with its size, and with the buzzing of a mouthpiece. Chad is in 11th grade at Warren Mott HS, and he plays in the Big Band, Symphonic Band, and Marching Band! Chad's favorite aspect of playing music is the feeling of accomplishment. His experience of practicing a piece, and seeing how putting in the time pays off is his biggest reward.

A Marauder for Marching Monday!

Amber attends Warren Mott HS, and here's one of her marching band memories!

My favorite part of marching band is marching back to the band room after home football games! We do the "drum major high knees" at the appropriate time in the cadence! Pep games are also a blast because everyone is always so pumped! Sometimes we do cheers, one of them called the "Miller rumble" after our band director, which is lots of fun! Oh, and our band marched in the Thanksgiving Day parade! It was fun because we were on tv and the atmosphere of all the people there was amazing! :D


Meet Ashley!

Meet Ashley! Ashley began playing the clarinet in 5th grade, and it's taken her on many adventures. Playing on through into high school at Warren Mott, Ashley is in the wind ensemble, marching band, and even plays the alto sax in jazz band. Music has given her amazing experiences. She and her band traveled to Europe and played in Germany, Poland, and Belgium! Ashley has been studying at A&G with Alayne Rever for three yearsHearing about the many opportunities playing music has given her is our favorite.