I Play Here

Meet Carly!


Meet Carly, and join us in welcoming her to the Central Music Team! Carly began her musical journey in sixth grade choir. Carly found music to be different than athletics or some academics---it came naturally to her and it made sense. She joined band with an enthusiasm to learn the clarinet and she hasn't looked back since. Carly understands the important role of music in a person's life, especially the stability it can provide to young students. In each lesson, Carly imparts more than just her musical knowledge, she shares these life lessons and her love for music making. We're happy to have Carly on the team! #iplayhere

Meet Haruki!


Meet Haruki! We've got a new team member here at Central Music and we're super excited he's joined the crew. Haruki is originally from Japan, but his family moved to Somoa when he was 5 where he was immersed in a strong musical culture. While on the island, Haruki began playing the guitar. At the age of 10, another relocation brings Haruki to Michigan where he begins the trumpet in school band. The challenge of becoming a better musician fueled Haruki's passion and he began playing drums and bass as well. He attended Central Music University and graduated with a BS in Music. Currently, Haruki leads Paddlebots, a progressive soul-pop band and freelances as a guitarist, bassist, saxophone, and trumpet player. Welcome to the team, Haruki! #iplayhere

Meet Chad!


Meet Chad! Chad started playing trombone in 5th grade. The trombone captured his attention with its size, and with the buzzing of a mouthpiece. Chad is in 11th grade at Warren Mott HS, and he plays in the Big Band, Symphonic Band, and Marching Band! Chad's favorite aspect of playing music is the feeling of accomplishment. His experience of practicing a piece, and seeing how putting in the time pays off is his biggest reward.

Meet Duffy!


Hi Friends! Meet Duffy! Duffy joined our team this Fall after itching to get back into a world where he's surrounded by music. Duffy began his musical journey at the age of 14. He and his friends decided the best way to meet girls would be to form a band and play an instrument! And so Duffy picked up the bass guitar. He and his band have been together ever since. They gigged first at their high school dances, and have played many other venues to this day. Duffy loves music and doesn't know what he'd do without it. Welcome to the A&G crew, Duffy!