School Music

Rent the Yamaha 230 Xylophone!

This just in! We're now renting the Yamaha 230 Xylophone! The 230 is a 3 octave xylophone designed for ease of use and playability. There's no assembly required on your end, just set the xylophone on the stand and play!

We wanted to offer aspiring percussionists a step up from the bell kits they start on in school band, and Yamaha delivered with this portable xylophone kit. Contact us for more information.

Meet Chad!


Meet Chad! Chad started playing trombone in 5th grade. The trombone captured his attention with its size, and with the buzzing of a mouthpiece. Chad is in 11th grade at Warren Mott HS, and he plays in the Big Band, Symphonic Band, and Marching Band! Chad's favorite aspect of playing music is the feeling of accomplishment. His experience of practicing a piece, and seeing how putting in the time pays off is his biggest reward.

Tips for Beginning Band Parents: Broken Reeds

How can I get the most from my reed? Watch the video and find out!
Bonus Tip: If you purchase a 10 pack of reeds for your student, only give them two at a time. This keeps students from sharing (reeds are like sticks of gum :D), and lets you know well enough ahead of time when you need to buy more. No more, "I ran out of reeds, and I need one tomorrow morning!" at 9PM at night.