The New CajonTab!

We're excited to announce we're now stocking the CajonTab, by Louson Drums! The CajonTab takes playing the cajon into the realm of what the ukulele did for the guitar. The CajonTab isn't the same instrument as the cajon, but it's much more portable, and it has a great sound!

The CajonTab, just like a cajon, has a playing surface on the front and a resonating box behind it. Unlike most cajons, there is a port that allows the player to tune the pitch of the bass note, and it has a snare that you can "turn on or off".

Watch our video for the full demo! Stop by either of our two locations to check them out!

Rent the Yamaha 230 Xylophone!

This just in! We're now renting the Yamaha 230 Xylophone! The 230 is a 3 octave xylophone designed for ease of use and playability. There's no assembly required on your end, just set the xylophone on the stand and play!

We wanted to offer aspiring percussionists a step up from the bell kits they start on in school band, and Yamaha delivered with this portable xylophone kit. Contact us for more information.