Marching Monday

It's Marching Monday!

We're kicking off this week's Marching Monday with a video! Here's Paul's favorite marching memory:
"My favorite marching band memory was the culmination of events that ended up with me being a part of an amazing experience: I had beaten out an overconfident upper classman to get on the field for the first time, got to go through the process of learning every step of the dance, and got to hear the crowd cheer as we did our 270 splits. Then the video blew up overnight and rocketed us to fame. We even ended up on Google's New Year's recap video. To see our hard work and dedication get recognized was something special, and something I hope every band student feels at some point." - Paul Hess #iplayhere #marchingmonday

A Marauder for Marching Monday!

Amber attends Warren Mott HS, and here's one of her marching band memories!

My favorite part of marching band is marching back to the band room after home football games! We do the "drum major high knees" at the appropriate time in the cadence! Pep games are also a blast because everyone is always so pumped! Sometimes we do cheers, one of them called the "Miller rumble" after our band director, which is lots of fun! Oh, and our band marched in the Thanksgiving Day parade! It was fun because we were on tv and the atmosphere of all the people there was amazing! :D