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Tips for Beginning Band Parents: Broken Reeds

How can I get the most from my reed? Watch the video and find out!
Bonus Tip: If you purchase a 10 pack of reeds for your student, only give them two at a time. This keeps students from sharing (reeds are like sticks of gum :D), and lets you know well enough ahead of time when you need to buy more. No more, "I ran out of reeds, and I need one tomorrow morning!" at 9PM at night.

Swinging Saturday!

We spent Saturday morning swinging! A big shout out to Mrs. York for hosting a great clinic for the LCMS Central and North Jazz Bands. Both Mr. Comerford's and Mrs. York's students played wonderfully, and Mr. Traskal was an amazing clinician. We're happy to have been invited! #iplayhere