Play It Forward

A Big Thank You!

Lincoln Middle School DSO Honors

Big high five to all of our friends. A week ago we asked if you'd be willing to help us raise the money needed to help a number of students participate in the Detroit Symphony Honors Band. They had been selected, but needed financial assistance to be able to participate. Because of your generosity, we were able to tell all the kids that their entry fees were paid and they'd be able to go and perform at Orchestra Hall! I am continually overwhelmed by your kindness. Thank you!!!

Help a Beginning Musician!

Hey Gang, want to help A & G Play It Forward? Now YOU can help us make a difference in a young musician's life, it's easy. Simply donate a dollar with your next purchase at A & G and you'll help buy a new clarinet or saxophone reed for a beginning musician who can't afford a new reed. With your help, we can keep the music playing!