Meet Robert!

Meet Robert! Robert's musical journey began early, around the age of five. As a young child, his dad got him a pair of drum sticks and a practice pad. He spent hours tapping along to the raido. Lessons on the piano and being drafted into a church choir deepened his emersion into the world of music. His true calling revealed itself when Robert met Dwane Thamm who agreed to take him on as a student. Studying drum set, vibes and marimba lead to a number of performing opportunities. Performances with the Count Basie Orchestra under Thad Jones, Woody Herman and his Thundering Herd, and Henry Mancini are only a few of the experiences that kicked off his musical career as a young teen.

While performing played a major role in Robert's life, he believed in his academics. He attended Valparaiso University where he received degrees in music and business. A short time after his graduation, Robert and his wife, Peggy, decided to move to Michigan where they made their home permanently. Robert established a role in the school music business while continuing to perform and teach. After several years, he found himself taking the reins here at A&G Central Music.

From his own experience, Robert knows how important it is that every child has the opportunity to participate in music. Everyday, all of us witness his passion, not for his own musical career, but for each and every student of music. He feels a life in music has lead him to the perfect place, and he plays here. ‪#‎iplayhere‬

Meet Pam!

Meet Pam! Pam has been part of A&G's team for just over 15 years! The joy and inspiration of music has wound itself within Pam and her family, taking root. Pam raised two children, both involved in school band where they fell in love with music and made friends they'll always have. The rewards of putting instruments in kid's hands is why Pam plays here. #iplayhere