Selmer K Modified - Meet History, It's Your Future

Selmer K Modified Lightweight

Hi All! Meet the Selmer K Modified Lightweight Trumpet! The K Modified Lightweight is a professional trumpet made by Selmer, in France. The "K" indicates modifications by Keith Ecker USA, and the Lightweight models are more rare and highly sought after by lead jazz players. The horn produces a focused tone and the valves have amazing action. The "K" and Lightweight combination make this horn very rare. Meet history, it's your future. #iplayhere

Selmer Mark VI - Meet History, it's your Future

Selmer Mark VI Alto Saxophone 1958

Selmer Mark VI - In Stock!

Hey Friends! Meet the Selmer Mark VI Alto from 1958, the first feature from our vintage collection. This alto saxophone played many performances in top ensembles. It was sold originally as a Tier 1 "Pro Sale." Mark VI saxophones have been the voice of professionals since 1954. It's in stock and ready to carry on excellence! Meet history, it's your future. #iplayhere