Powell Flutes

Powell Flutes Are Here!

Powell Flutes is a uniquely American brand of flutes. We here at A&G Central Music are now pleased to offer the line of Powell Sonaré Flutes.

Verne Q. Powell founded the company in 1927 in Boston, Massachusetts. The shop was located just down the street from the Boston Symphony Music Hall. In fact, the first ten flutes made by Powell were soon in the hands of some of the finest flute players in America at the time. William Kincaid, Arthur Lora, and John Wummer.

The Powell Sonaré models feature a hand cut head joint and body made at the Boston area shop. The Powell Sonaré flutes are offered in a variety of configurations, all of which allow the player to perform with the renowned, professional Powell sound.

Below is a description of three Powell Sonaré flute configurations Central Music has available for you to audition:

The Powell Sonaré 505 has a signature Powell head-joint, hand made of solid sterling silver, and the body and keys of the flute are silver plated. The features of this model include: pointed key arms, open hole, B foot-joint, stainless steel springs, and an offset G/split E mechanism.

The Powell Sonaré 601 has a signature Powell head-joint, hand made of solid sterling silver, and the body and foot-joint are also solid sterling silver with silver plated keys. The features of this model include: Y-arm keys, open hole, B foot-joint, Elgiloy alloy springs, and an offset G/split E mechanism. The 601 pictured in the gallery below is customized with a 9K Aurumite lip plate. 
Aurumite is created by a patented process that involves fusing together 9K rose gold and silver. The fusion process from which Aurumite is made keeps your lip plate from ever wearing as any standard gold plated lip plate would. The combination of silver and gold provide both projection and warmth.

The Powell Sonaré 705 has a signature Powell head-joint, hand made with solid sterling silver, a sterling Silver body with silver plated keys. The features of this model include: pointed key arms, open hole, B foot-joint, 10K white gold springs, and an offset G.

All head joints are sterling silver Powell head joints made in the Powell workshop in Massachusetts. Bodies are also made in the Powell workshop.

If you are contemplating a new performance flute for yourself or a student, stop by Central Music and give one a test drive. We think you will truly enjoy the experience!