Music Madness: Flute VS Bari Sax

Facing off today is Flute and Bari Sax! 

We saw an incredible match yesterday with Clarinet VS Bassoon, Bassoon advancing ahead by just 5 votes! Wow!

Our shoutout today is to the Support Music Coalition. Support Music is an advocacy program that empowers people to advocate for music and music education in their communities.

With March being Music In Our Schools Month, it's important to take the time and learn more about what we can do to support our local music programs.

Visit supportmusic.com for resources.

Music Madness is Here!

Central Music Madness

March is here and that means two things --- First, March is Music in Our Schools Month! Second, March is MUSIC MADNESS! Let's celebrate music with a little friendly competition.

It's time for an instrument showdown! Each week during March we'll be holding a head to head musical instrument tournament on all of our media platforms (Blog, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) where you will be able to vote for your favorite instrument in each match up.

Make sure your instrument is heard! What instrument will be the Music Madness Champion for 2018?!

Follow us on social media to take part in each round of voting, or follow and comment on our blog posts. Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Predict the winning instruments in each matchup by submitting a completed bracket by March 4th at Midnight to be eligible for our giveaway! Download it here

The voter with the most participation takes home some sweet A&G swag! And, the participant who’s predictions most closely match the actual final bracket wins the surprise giveaway! (All submissions will be time stamped)