6 Ways to Prolong the Life of your Reed


Tips to protect and preserve the life of your reeds

Reeds are important for creating the sound on your woodwind instruments. They will need to be replaced regularly, but there are ways to protect and help keep them lasting longer.

1. Always Use a Mouthpiece Cap When You’re Not Playing

When taking a break from playing, it’s important to put the cap on the mouthpiece to protect it from possible chipping. Using the cap also keeps the reed moist and ready to play.

2. When Finished Playing, Remove the Reed from the Mouthpiece and Store in a Reed Guard

After playing, always remove your reed from the mouthpiece and store in a reed guard. This protects the reed from damage and the guard keeps the reed flat, preventing it from warping as it dries.

3. Don’t Handle the Reed By The Tip

The tip, vamp, and rail of a reed are extremely thin and fragile. Always handle the reed by the bottom, or the stock, to prevent chipping or cracking.

4. No Chapstick or Lip gloss

Chapstick, lip gloss, and lip stick will leave a residue on your reed that will lessen its life.

5. Rinse Your Reed With Water, Dry Before Storing

After you’re done playing your instrument, remove the reed and rinse it in clean water. Then, dry it by passing it through a cloth or paper towel. Be sure to pass it through towards the tip, not the stock. 

6. Use A Reed Vitalizer Case for Storage

A Reed Vitalizer case helps prevent cracking and warping by regulating the humidity level inside the case.