Marching Monday!

It's that time of year...marching band season! We want to kick it off right by sharing our favorite marching band stories. Look forward to them for the next few Mondays! #marchingmonday

"Days of Marching band bring back lots of memories. Early morning rehearsals before school, sweaty camp days at Interlochen. Some are better than others, and this one is even true.
On a hot day at band camp, I was given a few Hershey Kisses for being the best marcher in my rank by the Drum Major who was our constant judge.  
My aunt had recently shared a kiss with me, but she did it in a way that made me blush. She came up to me and said, "Hey, you want a kiss?" Having come from my aunt, and me being an introverted teenager, I ran from the room yelling and screaming!!!
So I had an idea and thought I would try it on a girl that I kind of liked. I came up to her with my candy behind my back, and sprung it on her as she was standing with a group of her girlfriends. "Hey, you want a kiss?" She looked at me and blushed, and being the introverted teenager she was, yelled,"Noooooo!!!"
Who knew that 30 years later that blushing flute player would become my wife!" - Tim Brennan