Meet Tim!

Meet Tim, one of our new Central Music teammates! Tim began his musical exploration in 4th grade when he chose to play the cornet. To say music has provided an abundance of experiences for Tim is an understatement. Growing up in Metro Detroit, he played in school band at every level. During these years, he transitioned to the french horn and it became his principal instrument. After a semester at University of Michigan, Tim joined the Army. He was on active duty for three years, and then joined the Reserves. Tim remained in the service and was a member of various U.S. Military Bands for almost 30 years, performing on french horn, trumpet, tuba, bass guitar, and drums.

While in the service, Tim received his bachelors and masters degree and began teaching school band. He taught both in Louisiana, and Hamtramck, Michigan. Now retired from both the Army Reserves and teaching, we're thrilled to have Tim as a part of the Central Music family!