Instrument Rental Information and Prices

  • A&G Central Music only offers school approved instruments for rentals.
  • All Rental payments build equity towards the purchase of an instrument.
  • Band students receive a 30% purchase discount on the rental instruments at any time.
  • There are NEVER any hidden fees or interest charges in our rental program.
  • Instruments may be returned at any time with no further obligation.
  • Rental instruments may be exchanged at any time for no charge.
  • Necessary maintenance and fire/theft insurance are included while the instrument is being rented.
  • With our exclusive "Lease to Learn" plan, you can exchange your student quality instrument for an intermediate to professional quality instrument and continue to rent to own with no interest charges.
  • All repairs are done in A&G Central Music's repair facility.

Instrument Rental Prices

$30 Per Month Rentals


Flute Rental
$30 per month


Percussion Rental
$30 per month


Clarinet Rental
$30 per month


Cornet Rental
$30 per month


Trumpet Rental
$30 per month


Trombone Rental
$30 per month

$30 per month String Rentals: 3/4 Violin, 13" and 14" Viola

*The $30 Percussion Rental is The Bell Kit, The Drum Kit, or The Combo Kit

$60 Per Month Rentals

Alto Sax

Alto Sax Rental
$60 per month


Oboe Rental
$60 per month


Piccolo Rental
$60 per month

$60 per month String Rentals: 1/2 Cello, and 3/4 Cello

$70 Per Month Rentals

Bass Clarinet

Bass Clarinet Rental
$70 per month

Tenor Sax

Tenor Sax Rental
$70 per month

$70 Per Month String Rentals: 4/4 Cello (Limited Quantities)

$85 Per Month Rentals


Euphonium Rental
$85 per month

French Horn

Double French Horn Rental
$85 per month

$145 Per Month Rentals


Tuba Rental
$145 per month


Bassoon Rental
$145 per month

Bari Sax

Bari Sax Rental
$145 per month

  • Rental fees include full maintenance, repair, replacement coverage and all taxes
  • Continuous monthly rental until paid for
  • 30% Discount from balance at any time