Trumpet Wow Wow (Harmon) Mute

The Wow Wow Mute, also known as the Harmon Mute is popular for jazz. When entering high school a student might consider obtaining a Wow Wow Mute for specific literature.

In our video, we demonstrate the mute with the stem in, and the stem out. Both ways create a buzzing metallic sound, but there is a difference in the effect. Can you hear it?

In jazz, it's common to play with the stem out. This sound was made popular by famous jazz players such as Miles Davis.

With the stem in, the wow wow sound is created by moving fingers to and away from the stem of the mute.

This mute does not have defined pieces of cork, but one continuous piece of cork. Make sure the mute is fit properly in the bell. A common trick to ensure the mute does not fall out is to breathe warm air in the bell of the trumpet, and then twist the mute in.

Remember, any time a mute is used, pull out the tuning slide, as the mute causes the pitch to be sharp.

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