Trumpet Straight Mute

Students will most likely require their first mute for middle school band literature. There are many brands of trumpet mutes. In our video, we demonstrate a Humes and Berg Stonelined Straight Mute, and a Vacchinao Straight Mute.

The difference between these two particular mutes, aside from brand, is material, which does change the sound.

Humes and Berg Straight Trumpet Mute

The Humes and Berg Stonelined Mute is made of a cardboard composite.

Vacchiano Straight Trumpet Mute

The Vacchiano Mute is made of aluminum.

The Stonelined is an appropriate first mute, but within the next couple of years, students should consider stepping up to an aluminum mute. Although we demonstrate the aluminum mute with a Vacchinao, there are other popular brands such as Harmon, Tom Crown, Denis Wick, and Jo Ral.

The straight mute changes the timbre of the horn, and does quiet the sound a little. The aluminum in comparison to the Stonelined mute will have a more brilliant metallic sound.

Remember, any time a mute is used, pull out the tuning slide, as the mute causes the pitch to be sharp.

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