NASMD Professional Standards

Help local teachers develop successful school music programs…

  • Personal consultation with each director to understand the needs of his/her program
  • Routine, dependable calls by a qualified school music professional
  • Reliable support & solutions through high quality products, services, & information

Help parents provide for & support their child's active participation in school music programs…

  • Help educate parents about the positive, life-changing benefits of active music-making
  • Provide high quality, affordable, teacher approved products & services designed to help their
    child succeed
  • Provide convenient, reliable, timely service after the sale to help their child make music with
    minimal interruptions

Help students enjoy the benefits of making music in their school music programs…

  • Provide high quality, properly adjusted products to help the student learn to make music as quickly
    as possible
  • Provide reliable, timely service to help the student continue to make music with minimal interruptions