Trumpet Care Kit


Trumpet Care Kit

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Included in each trumpet care kit are the following items:

  • Valve oil

  • Tuning slide grease

  • A mouthpiece brush

  • A valve brush

  • Vinyl cleaning snake

  • A polishing cloth

  • A pencil and practice record

Care Kits will be delivered to your student within 8 days* of your purchase.

*Exclusions Apply. Students attending Farms Intermediate in Hartland will receive purchases within 15 days.

All prices include appropriate State sales tax.

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Use and Instruction for Trumpet Care Kit

Valve Oil - Valve oil improves action and protects the interior valve casings

  1. Unscrew the top valve cap and apply 2-3 drops to the valve --- work the valve up and down to spread the oil
  2. Oil valves one at a time
  3. Watch our video on oiling valves here

Tuning Slide Grease - Slide grease is intended to be used after cleaning your slides --- it improves mobility

  1. Use grease in small amounts on tuning slides after they've been cleaned
  2. Do NOT use on long trombone slide

Mouthpiece Brush - The mouthpiece brush is used to clean the build up inside the mouthpiece

  1. Run your mouthpiece under warm water
  2. Insert the brush in and out with turning
  3. Be very gentle, don't let the metal tip of the brush touch the inside walls

Valve Brush - The valve brush is used to clean the inside of the valve casings and the valve ports

  1. Remove the valves
  2. Run your valve brush under warm water and brush through valve casing and ports
  3. Pat dry and return valves to proper casings

Vinyl Cleaning Snake - The snake is made of of vinyl to protect your instrument, and has two brushes at each end --- it's intended to clean the inside of the tuning slides, and the slides they were removed from

  1. Remove the tuning slides (hold down each connected valve as you do so)
  2. Run your snake under warm water, and use to clean in lead pipe, and pipes from which the tuning slides were removed
  3. Clean the inside of your tuning slides, and wipe with a lint free cloth the outside of the slides
  4. Pat dry and reassemble

Polishing Cloth - This cloth is used to remove fingerprints from your instrument --- It's made for lacquered finishes

  1. Gently wipe down surfaces of your instrument that may have fingerprints