Clarinet Care Kit


Clarinet Care Kit

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Included in each clarinet care kit are the following items:

  • A cleaning swab

  • A double ended brush to use for gentle dusting in hard to reach key areas

  • A mouthpiece brush

  • A thumb cushion & thumb pad

  • A reed guard

  • Cork grease

  • A pencil and practice record

Care Kits will be delivered to your student within 8 days* of your purchase.

*Exclusions Apply. Students attending Farms Intermediate in Hartland will receive purchases within 15 days.

All prices include appropriate State sales tax.

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Use and Instruction for Clarinet Care Kit

Cleaning Swab - The clarinet cleaning swab is intended to be pulled through the instrument

  1. Using the weighted string, pull the swab through the body of the clarinet
  2. Take off the mouthpiece before swabbing clarinet

Double Ended Brush - This double ended brush is intended to clean hard to reach areas of your clarinet --- moving hinge joints where key rods are fitted to posts

  1. Use the bristle end to gently free dust and dirt in the confined keyword areas
  2. Use the brush to clean the freed dust and dirt

Mouthpiece Brush - The mouthpiece brush is used to clean the build up inside the mouthpiece

  1. Run your mouthpiece under warm water
  2. Insert the brush in and out with turning
  3. Be very gentle, don't let the metal tip of the brush touch the inside walls

Thumb Cushion & Pad - These items provide a padded support for your thumb

  1. Slip the black thumb cushion over the thumb rest
  2. Or, remove the sticker back from the gray thumb pad and adhere to the bottom of the thumb rest

Reed Guard - Reed guards protect your reeds from chipping, and allow them to dry without warping

  1. This reed guard holds two reeds
  2. Remove your reed from your mouthpiece after playing and insert into guard

Cork Grease - Cork grease is used to lubricate the cork joints of your clarinet

  1. Lightly apply cork grease to the cork joints
  2. Use only enough to allow your instrument to be assembled with ease