A and G Central Music

Who is Central Music?

From humble beginnings as a musical instrument repair shop in 1968, A&G Central Music has grown to the area's most respected full service band and orchestral music company. While still providing the highest quality instrument repair services, Central Music also offers a wide selection of instruments, music, and accessories for both the professional and aspiring musician. With brands like Bach, Yamaha, Selmer, Buffet, King, Conn, Leblanc, Ludwig, Jupiter, and Anthem you are sure to find just the right instrument at one of our stores.

We are a sustaining member of the Michigan School Band and Orchestra Association, member company of the National Association of School Music Dealers and each year make substantial donations in the support of Michigan school music programs.

Our professional staff welcome you to visit our Madison Heights or Macomb Township locations. Learn what both student and professional musicians have known for over 45 years; for quality repair, a new or used musical instrument, or just the right accessory, you can't do better than A&G Central Music. Come by and let our family take care of your family.

We are Central Music. #iplayhere

The Team

Meet Robert!
Robert's musical journey began early, around the age of five. As a young child, his dad got him a pair of drum sticks and a practice pad. He spent hours tapping along to the raido. Lessons on the piano and being drafted into a church choir deepened his emersion into the world of music. His true calling revealed itself when Robert met Dwane Thamm who agreed to take him on as a student. Studying drum set, vibes and marimba lead to a number of performing opportunities. Performances with the Count Basie Orchestra under Thad Jones, Woody Herman and his Thundering Herd, and Henry Mancini are only a few of the experiences that kicked off his musical career as a young teen.

While performing played a major role in Robert's life, he believed in his academics. He attended Valparaiso University where he received degrees in music and business. A short time after his graduation, Robert and his wife, Peggy, decided to move to Michigan where they made their home permanently. Robert established a role in the school music business while continuing to perform and teach. After several years, he found himself taking the reins here at A&G Central Music.

From his own experience, Robert knows how important it is that every child has the opportunity to participate in music. Everyday, all of us witness his passion, not for his own musical career, but for each and every student of music. He feels a life in music has lead him to the perfect place, and he plays here.

Meet Lisa!
Lisa has been with us for 19 years! She's our number cruncher, and gives constant support to all of us here at Central Music. Lisa is a witness to the value and joy of music everyday. With her own son in the school band program at Fraser High School, Lisa believes in the power of music, and she plays here.

Meet Jim! 
He works in our School Service Department and you may recognize him from his weekly visits to your school. Jim began his musical career way back in fifth grade when he picked up the trumpet. Then in Junior High he also began to study the drums. After High School, Jim fueled his passion for music atHope College where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in music. He continued on with his studies and received a Masters degree in Music Education from Eastern Michigan University. While attending college, he played principal trumpet with the Grand Rapids symphony. Jim's love of music and education lead him to a 35 year teaching career in the Warren Consolidated Schools. He spent his off hours playing drum set for a wedding band, and trumpet in his church orchestra. 

Jim is an active music maker to this day. He plays trumpet in the Warren Concert Band, and drums in the Innovation Jazz Ensemble. Jim's passion for music and teaching has filled his life with enjoyment and amazing experiences, and he plays here.

Meet me, Whitney!
I have been a part of the Central Music crew for five years. I was hired to manage the online presence and provide graphics. Fresh out of college, I was eager to begin, but I didn't know where I wanted to end up. Working here at Central Music opened a new world for me. I've been playing drums for 3.5 years now, and I know, it's what I'd been missing. I feel so fortunate to have gained another family, and to see how music can create immeasurable happiness in a child. Music changes lives, I know, it changed mine. I'm exactly where I need to be, and I play here.

Meet Josh!
You've surely seen him making visits to your school. Josh started playing trumpet in 5th grade when he joined school band. He remembered hearing the high school jazz band come preform for his elementary class and knew he wanted to be part of the band, and he was. He played trumpet on through high school, taking part in jazz band, honors band, and played with the Toledo Youth Ensemble. After graduating, Josh attended Central Michigan University for Music Education while playing with their top jazz band, Jazz Lab One. Josh continues to play his trumpet and helps our schools with their band camps and jazz bands. He knows how powerful music can be in expressing yourself artistically, and helps to make sure all students get an opportunity to learn and play.

Meet Tim!
Tim began his musical exploration in 4th grade when he chose to play the cornet. To say music has provided an abundance of experiences for Tim is an understatement. Growing up in Metro Detroit, he played in school band at every level. During these years, he transitioned to the french horn and it became his principal instrument. After a semester at University of Michigan, Tim joined the Army. He was on active duty for three years, and then joined the Reserves. Tim remained in the service and was a member of various U.S. Military Bands for almost 30 years, performing on french horn, trumpet, tuba, bass guitar, and drums.

While in the service, Tim received his bachelors and masters degree and began teaching school band. He taught both in Louisiana, and Hamtramck, Michigan. Now retired from both the Army Reserves and teaching, we're thrilled to have Tim as a part of the Central Music family!

Meet Nellie!
Nellie has been a musician since 5th grade. In high school, she picked up the oboe and never looked back. Nellie began her professional career in music at the age of 18 while attending Wayne University. After receiving a degree in music education, she taught in the Detroit Public Schools for 10 years, all the while playing oboe for the Michigan Opera Theater, Michigan Chamber Orchestra, and as an extra with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra. 
Today, Nellie continues to help us serve the musical community. She’s our book expert, and can assist you in finding the music you’re looking for.

Meet Todd!
Todd is one of our repair technicians. Having grown up in a music store, Todd has been surrounded by music for his entire life. His father owned a music store and worked as a repairman which is a trade he passed down to his children. Todd has been a part of our team for over 12 years, and considers each repair a puzzle that he is fond of solving. He truly loves his work.

Fun fact; Todd is also a trained geologist! He studied at Kansas State University and loves to collect rocks to this day.

Meet Paul! 
We are excited he has chosen to join the A&G Central Music team as an instrument repair technician! Paul has been involved with school music since beginning band in 4th grade where he played the alto saxophone. Since then, he's added the bass guitar and electric guitar to his repertoire. He played in jazz band, concert, and marching band. Paul attended Ohio University graduating with a BA in Music, then attended Minnesota State College Southeast - Red Wing to study Band Instrument Repair. Paul continues to play music on both his saxophone and his guitar!

Meet Jeff!
We're excited to have Jeff on the A&G Central Music team! He's been involved with music for his entire life. In fifth grade, he began his musical journey on the tuba. From that moment on, he was hooked. Jeff played in school band throughout high school and into college. He studied music at Ball State University, Ohio State University, and Arizona State! 

After receiving his music education degree from Ball State and studying tuba performance at Ohio State, Jeff returned to his alma mater, Ball State, and taught for seven years. After teaching, Jeff went into sales. He became a low brass specialist.

Today, Jeff is still involved with music. He plays in the Detroit Brass Society Quintet, and he plays here!

Meet Jimmy!
Jimmy's instrument is the trumpet
and has been since 6th grade when he started band. He attended Central Michigan University and received his degree in trumpet performance and music theory/composition. While attending school, he played in a Klezmer/Gypsy band having been drawn to its colorful and energetic style. Music allows Jimmy to express himself and
explore creative ideas, and he plays here.

Meet Shelby!
Shelby has been involved with music since she was a young child. At the age of 7 she learned and played songs on the piano by ear. In grade school she started on the clarinet, and then played it throughout high school while adding the alto sax into the mix. Music is a major part of Shelby's life to this day.


Meet Pam!
Pam has been part of A&G's team for just over 17 years! The joy and inspiration of music has wound itself within Pam and her family, taking root. Pam raised two children, both involved in school band where they fell in love with music and made friends they'll always have. The rewards of putting instruments in kid's hands is why Pam plays here.

Meet Yurek!
Yurek is a Master Repair Technician. He has been performing miracles in our shop for almost forty years. Yurek comes from a musical family and is a fourth generation repair technician. Born and raised in Poland, Yurek studied piano and clarinet while learning band instrument repair from his father. After serving in the Polish Navy, Yurek moved to Detroit and became part of the team at A&G Central Music. We're glad to have him play here.